Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wildlife At Risk

On Saturday, Michael and I took the National Honor Society students to volunteer at Wildlife At Risk. WAR is located out by the Cu Chi tunnels, so we were able to volunteer at the institute and then climb down into the tunnels used during the Vietnam/American war.

Our students cleared brush, raked leaves, cut up fruit and veggies, and fed the endangered animals during our time at Wildlife At Risk. We loved the otters and bears, and one of the gibbons "loved" us. Her long arms wiggled out to grab hair, scratch arms and make us (me specifically) squeal. I have to give the gibbon a break because she was previously living in an abusive environment, and she doesn't like women/girls.Needless to say, we won't be sitting down for a chat and a coffee any time soon.

After volunteering at WAR, we were off to the Cu Chi tunnels. We toured through the tunnels used in the Vietnam/American war and were even able to shimmy our way through miles and miles of tunnel. Well, the kids climbed down into the tunnels. I freaked out due to the lack of air and space and made the entire crew back out, so I could get to open air. One of my more memorable moments as a leader. 

After our trip to the Cu Chi tunnels, we climbed back into the van and promptly fell asleep after a long day in the sun. I had a wonderful day with this fantastic group of students and Mr. I. Hooray for NHS!

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